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1. What this is about

The Social Care White paper (People at the heart of care) includes plans to make sure everyone has good information on rights and support choices for them or their family.
Learning Disability England is working with some people with learning disabilities, autistic people and their families to work out what they think needs to happen for them to get good information and be able to understand and use that information.

We are doing this as part of our work as a Health and Wellbeing Alliance.
How we will use the information you share
We will only use the information you give us for this project.

We will not share any contact details or personal information in reports or group work.

Only the project team can see those.

The examples of information services or good ways of working will be shared with the advisory group who are creating the final principles.
Based on the information we receive and the work of the advisory group we will write a short report with concrete examples of ‘what good looks like’ for people with learning disabilities to get good information they can use to make decisions or understand their choices.

This report will be shared with Department of Health and Social Care and Care Quality Commission teams working on the reform of social care or Local Authority Assurance Framework.

We will share a copy of that with people who took part and ask to be contacted. 
You can also use this Word version of the survey to help plan your answers before filling it in online.

You can also return your survey by email to 
If you have questions please contact Samantha Clark via 
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