BCBN in partnership with Inspirited Minds is conducting national research into the state of mental health of British Muslim Youth. The following questions are designed to capture an insight into the exposure and experiences of British Muslims to mental health struggles, as well as access to therapies and support, and how effective they are. We also intend to understand the extent in which faith and spirituality play a role in well-being and resilience.

The results for the survey will form an integral part of a research report commissioned by BCBN that will publish recommendations for statutory services, government and communities, on how to improve mental well-being within Muslim communities.

The Survey

Prior to completing the survey, we require consent to use your data in better understanding British Muslim identity and its experience of mental health struggles. Your details will remain anonymous, however the information you provide of your exposure and experience of mental health will help us better understand the needs, challenges and barriers young Muslims face in the UK.  These results will be published publicly.

Whilst we have done our best to word the questions in a sensitive manner, there are some questions that some may find too personal or intrusive, please only respond to the questions that you feel comfortable in answering.

You can only complete this survey if you are between the ages 18-30 years old and currently live/ reside in the UK.

If you have any questions please contact events@bcbn.org.uk
  • I understand that study is being undertaken for research purposes only by BCBN & Inspirited Minds who have declared they adhere to the Global Data Protection Regulation.
  • I understand that the responses I give in this survey will be reported anonymously and in aggregate with responses from other research participants.
  • I understand that the information obtained about me during the course of this project will be used to publish a public report with recommendations for mental health.
  • I understand that by participating in this survey, I consent to my responses being used as data to be published in whatever way BCBN and Inspirited Minds see fit whilst maintaining individual anonymity.

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* 1. Do you agree to the above terms? By clicking Yes, you consent that you are willing to answer the questions in this survey.

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* 2. I confirm that I am between the age of 18-30, identify as Muslim and currently reside in the UK.

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