* 1. Pupil's first name and surname

* 2. Pupil's age at the time of the course

* 3. Date of Birth

* 4. School/College

* 6. Medical conditions/Medication

* 7. Parent/Carer name

* 8. Parent/carer email

* 9. Emergency contact details

* 10. Do you play an instrument? Please tell us what it is if you do, and bring it with you to the course.

* 11. Do you have any previous music technology or recording experience? Please tell us what it is if you do.

* 12. Have you attend a Berkshire Maestros music production/music technology course before?

* 14. I give permission for photographs/video of the participant to be taken at this event which may be used in future external publicity and on Berkshire Maestros website and social media.

* 15. I agree to you using my e-mail address to contact me:

By submitting this form and paying the fee you are agreeing to the following statements:
I acknowledge receipt of and understand the information regarding this proposed activity and consent to my son/daughter (if under 18), named above, participating.
I have ensured that the participant understands the information regarding the activity.
I am in agreement that those in charge may give permission for the participant to receive appropriate medical treatment in an emergency and to give prescription drugs if necessary e.g. paracetamol.
The participant understands that smoking or consuming alcohol whilst participating at this event is not permitted.
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