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To be considered for alpha testing, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions of our digital NDA, as featured below. Please read the below its entirety before you complete sign-up:

This agreement means that you cannot take, share and post any screenshots or video footage or talk about your experience publicly, online or otherwise. This agreement also means that you cannot give, sell, or otherwise send anyone else the access you have been sent by Codemasters - the access you have been given is for you and you alone.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and the mutual covenants contained herein the parties mutually agree as follows:


1. In this Agreement, the term "Confidential Information" shall mean information which is confidential and of commercial value to the Company including without limitation information relating to any of the Company's actual or prospective products, activities, know-how, research and development, customers, or commercial relationships, which is disclosed to Recipient but will not include information which (i) is already rightfully known to Recipient at the time that the Confidential Information was received, (ii) is or becomes a part of the public knowledge or literature or is or becomes publicly known, not as a result of any action by Recipient, or (iii) is rightfully received by Recipient from a third party without any violation of confidentiality.

2. Recipient (you) agrees not to disclose any of the Confidential Information relating to this beta test to any third party, make any copies of the Confidential Information, or use the Confidential Information for any purpose other than the Purpose.

3.  Recipient (you) agrees not to disclose, share, give or sell any beta codes you are sent to anyone else.

4. At the earlier of (a) the date when Recipient shall no longer reasonably require the Confidential Information for the Purpose and (b) the date that Recipient is requested to return or destroy the Confidential Information by the Company, Recipient shall immediately discontinue the use of the Confidential Information and return the Confidential Information and all copies thereof in all material forms under the power or control of Recipient to Codemasters.

5. The parties agree that neither party shall be obligated to the other to enter into an agreement with respect to the Purpose. This Agreement is not a joint venture or other such business arrangement and any agreement between the parties as to joint business activities will be set forth in subsequent agreements.

6. Recipient acknowledges that the Company places particular reliance upon the terms, conditions and obligations contained in this Agreement, and as such Recipient agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Company against all losses, damages, costs, expenses, demands and liabilities whatsoever incurred as a result of breach by Recipient of its obligations under this Agreement and against all actions, proceedings and claims in relation thereto.

7. Recipient acknowledges that unauthorised disclosure of the Confidential Information may cause the Company irreparable harm for which monetary damages may not be a sufficient remedy and that the Company will be entitled, without waiving any other rights or remedies, to such injunction or equitable relief as may be deemed proper by a court of competent jurisdiction.

8. The Confidential Information disclosed pursuant to this Agreement are made available to Recipient "as is" and without warranty of any kind, express, implied or otherwise, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  No oral or written information or advice given by any employee or representative of the Company will create a warranty for the Confidential Information, and Recipient may not rely on any such information or advice.

9. This Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and with respect to the matter contained herein and supersedes all prior agreements or understandings. 

10. No modification of or amendment to this Agreement shall be valid or binding unless set forth in writing and duly executed by the parties hereto and no waiver of any breach of any term or provision of this Agreement shall be effective or binding unless made in writing and signed by the party purporting to give the same and, unless otherwise provided, shall be limited to the specific breach waived.

11. If a court or other lawful authority of competent jurisdiction declares any provision or Clause of this Agreement invalid, illegal or unenforceable, this Agreement will continue in full force and effect with respect to all other provisions and Clauses and all rights and remedies accrued under such other provisions and Clauses will survive any such declaration.

12. This Agreement shall be exclusively governed by the laws of England and all and any disputes shall be exclusively referred to the Courts of England and Wales.

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We cannot guarantee that you'll be chosen for alpha testing - but if you are successful, we will contact you in the next two weeks to advise you of next steps. We will do this via email, and will use your Apple ID email address to provide you access to the app in question via the Apple TestFlight app. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this information.