Questions for adults with learning disabilities and their families

"MeTURA - Back to the Roots" is an international project aiming to improve the lives of adults living with learning disabilities (LD)  by encouraging family gardening and cooking at home as a way of supporting ongoing learning and independence.

In this first stage of the project, we are gathering information about the opportunities available for adult family members with learning disabilities to engage with lifelong learning along with their families. We are also looking at their interests and the support and resources they might need to enjoy and benefit from gardening and cooking.

Instructions for filling out the questionnaire
The following questionnaire is anonymous, and results will only be used as part of the MeTURA – Back to the Roots project.

The questionnaire is in the following sections.
  • About your family
  • About activities available in your local area
  • Support from educators and activity providers
  • About family cooking and gardening
  • Cookery – benefits, barriers and support needs
  • Gardening – benefits, barriers and support needs
Most of the questions are simple multiple choice but there are opportunities to enter comments if there is other information you think is useful. You can complete the questionnaire in one go or you can save and come back to it at any time. Thank you for your help! .

Thank you for your help!

 If you have any further questions, please contact
Trish Matthews
01189 988 5688
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