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The Melksham Neighbourhood Plan covers Melksham and Melksham Without, is supported by the Town and Parish Council, and will guide land use planning decisions in the future. A Neighbourhood Plan is an opportunity for local people to influence planning in their area.  The plan is about housing, business, wellbeing, shopping, green space, leisure facilities, and it provides an opportunity for local people and organisations to develop their own ideas about the place where they live, work and visit and for these ideas to become part of the Local Planning Authority’s Development Plan, the primary planning document for the area.

Melksham and Melksham Without have seen substantial housing growth in recent years.  The Wiltshire Core Strategy (The Development Plan) sets the housing figures for the area.  Whilst Melksham has met its current housing requirements and growth has taken place, the Core Strategy is being reviewed, and further housing is likely to be needed in this area in the coming years.

In this consultation, we are seeking the views of the community on housing sites.  Sites put forward by developers/landowners have been appraised, and we are seeking your views on the sites which are viable for development.  We have talked to developers/landowners about the community gains they are able to offer if their sites are developed, over and above their obligations on affordable housing and mitigation.

Please answer as many questions as you can; whilst there is the opportunity to "skip" questions; however, the more information we have the better we will be able to assess the best outcomes for the Plan.

The information you will provide is only for the use of the Melksham Neighbourhood Plan and no personal information is being requested. Should you wish to make yourself known to us or have any questions or comments then please contact us directly at and we will be happy to talk to you. 
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