Megafinal Questionnaire

Congratulations to your child for qualifying for this prestigious competition. Please answer some questions to help us improve the UK Chess Challenge. This was my first competition in 1996 in the U7 girls section and opened up many opportunities for me in my life! Sarah Hegarty (Director)

* 1. Which Megafinal did you attend?

* 2. How far did you travel?

* 3. How did you travel to the Megafinal?

* 4. If you travelled by Car please specifiy how easy it was to park?

* 5. How many children from your family have taken part in the megafinal?

* 6. Have any of your children previously taken part in the UKCC (Megafinal/Gigafinal/Terafinal)?

* 7. Do any of your children take part in any other chess tournaments?

* 8. Please rate the online Megafinal booking system..

* 9. Please rate organisation of your Megafinal..

* 10. Would you come to a Megafinal again?

* 11. What did you think of the entry fee?

* 12. Do you have any further comments?