Ealing supporting pupils at school with medical conditions checklist (Autumn 2018)

In order to assess the impact of Ealing's supporting pupils with medical conditions policy (September 2018) we would be grateful if you could complete the following checklist for your school (prior to making any changes to your policy or practice).  The results will be anonymised and grouped by phase and only used to inform future support and training needs.  Our intention is to repeat this survey in autumn 2019 to assess impact.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to take part in this consultation. 

Question Title

* 2. Job title/role:

Question Title

* 3. Policy and implementation:

  In place Needs some work Not in place Don't know
Agreed policy in place
Policy revised annually in consultation with governors and staff
Up to date policy on the school website
Governing board committee with a responsibility for and link governor(s) who visits the school termly to monitor implementation
Annual report from the headteacher to the governing board on the impact of this policy (part of safeguarding)
Annual report to parents/communication via newsletters

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* 4. Identification, registers and individual healthcare plans:

  In place Needs some work Not in place Don't know
Process in place for notifying the school of pupils with medical conditions (e.g. questionnaire)
Process in place for ensuring all pupils with medical conditions have an individual healthcare plan in place before they start school
Process in place for reviewing the individual healthcare plans every year
A register of pupils with medical conditions in a secure location, with individual healthcare plans, medication consent forms, medication records, and individual risk assessment forms

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* 5. Medication:

  In place Needs some work Not in place Don't know
Medication is stored securely but accessibly
Process for ensuring all medication and equipment (including defibrillators) are in date
Accurate record of medication administered
Protocol for use of emergency inhalers and adrenaline autoinjectors (if applicable)

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* 6. Staff/training:

  In place Needs some work Not in place Don't know
Policy is part of all staff induction, including temporary, supply staff and volunteers
All staff are aware of the emergency procedures (Inc. information displays)
Information on this policy in the staff handbook
All staff know the pupils they work with who have an individual healthcare plan/medical conditions
School has risk assessed and has a sufficient number of trained first aiders
Insurance cover current and adequate to needs
Medical conditions co-ordinators/leads are clearly known by all staff, pupils, parents and other stakeholders
Medical conditions co-ordinators/leads are clear about line management arrangements, annual appraisals and attend regular training
Job descriptions exist for medical conditions co-ordinators/leads and includes relevant responsibilities

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* 7. Whole school environment:

  In place Needs some work Not in place Don't know
School admission arrangements take this policy into consideration
Risk assessments for educational visits are in place
Process for reporting incidents to Ealing Council Health and Safety

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* 8. Any other comments

Thank you for taking part in this consultation.

You can now submit the survey by clicking on the link below.