We are proposing to close the Old School Site and Lowedges Road Site. All services delivered from these sites would be relocated to existing premises at Jordanthorpe.

To find out more about the proposals, please go to our website - www.meadowgreenhealthcentre.co.uk

We would therefore like to ask our patients what they think about this and what impact it may have on them, so we would be very grateful if you could complete the following questions to help us make the best decisions for our practice and patients.

* 1. Which site do you use? (You can tick more than one)

* 2. How often do you use the Health Centre?

* 3. What is your most common reason for visiting the Health Centre?

* 4. How long does it currently take for you to travel from your home to the Health Centre?

* 5. How long will it take for you to travel from your home to Jordanthorpe Health Centre?

* 6. How do you normally travel to the Health Centre?

* 7. How are you likely to travel to Jordanthorpe Health Centre if we move?

* 8. Please tell us how you feel the proposed move would affect you, and if there is anything you think we could do to make things easier for you.

* 9. If the practice did move you would continue to be registered with us, or you could choose to register with a different GP practice.

Do you think you would continue to use this practice or move to an alternative practice?

* 10. Do you have any other comments that you would like to make?