1. Me Online

17% of survey complete.
'Me Online' takes about 5 minutes to complete, it will ask you questions about what you are like and how you feel when using websites. 
If you are interested in the outcome and updates of this research, please provide an email address at the end of this survey.
Part 1: The first section is a short personality questionnaire. 
Part 2: The second section contains questions that explore how you like to experience websites.  
The next page contains some questions about you.  You do not have answer these.  These questions are used by us to address diversity issues.
Any personal information will remain confidential and will only be used for the purposes of this research.  Data that has been collected will be stored securely and deleted when the research is completed.
As per compliance with The British Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Conduct, your informed consent is required. 
Before continuing with this questionnaire, please ensure you read and understood the rationale of this research and that you agree to be a voluntary participant.
You have the right to withdraw from participation at any point during the questionnaire or at any time after you have submitted by emailing  info@taranis-phi.com 

Question Title

* 1. Informed Consent 

I consent to be a voluntary participant. 
I understand that the information I provide shall be confidential and stored appropriately.  
I understand that I have the right to withdraw or to withhold any personal information.
I understand that my results shall be used for the purposes of this research only and shall not be shared with any other party.

I agree to take part in this research: