As a member of Max Appeal you have voting rights at the AGM.

There will be four resolutions made during the proceedings of the AGM. Your vote here will be counted.

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* 1. Resolution - Re-election of trustees.

The following trustees are retiring from the executive committee:
             Sarah Goodyear
             Dinakantha Kumararatne
             Mark Tripp- member proposed for re-election
             Julie Wootton - member proposed for re-election

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* 2. Resolution - Election of New Trustees

The following member, co-opted at Trustees meeting on 13th October 2018, is proposed for election as a new member of the Executive Committee:

Louise Henderson - Proposed by Mark Tripp. Seconded by Martin Kennedy

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* 3. Resolution - Proposed Honorary Officers

      Chairman:  Julie Wootton
      Secretary:  Rachel Boyle
      Treasurer:  Paul Wootton

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* 4. Resolution - Acceptance of the year ended 31st August 2017 Report and Accounts, and re-appoint MA Jordan as independent financial examiner for FY 2017/18.