1. Welcome and thank you for participating

Thank you very much for agreeing to take part in the Pensions Advisory Group Survey.

The Pensions Advisory Group is a group of judges, lawyers, financial experts and academics who are preparing a report about the law and practice of the treatment of pension rights on divorce. The Nuffield Foundation is part- funding the project; the remainder is unfunded with individuals contributing their time voluntarily. The project is led by Hilary Woodward at Cardiff University. You can read more about the project here: Pensions Advisory Group.

This survey is aimed at:
(i) legal experts in England and Wales who deal with ANY matrimonial finance cases, and
(ii) those financial experts who have been or are involved in valuing pensions or providing reports about pensions for divorcing couples and/or the court in matrimonial finance cases, in England and Wales.
This does not need to be your main business – we are looking to hear from you if it forms any part of your practice.

The survey is in tick-box format and will take approximately 15 - 25 minutes to complete. 

This survey is completely anonymous and entirely confidential. We will not be asking you for any identifying data. No individual level data will be reported to the Pensions Advisory Group. All data will be aggregated in ways that mean it is not possible for anyone reading the report to know how any individual answered the questions.

If you would like your individual views to be identified, then do email Hilary Woodward, her details are on the next page.  You are also very welcome to respond individually or together with colleagues, to our formal consultation papers which are available on the Nuffield Foundation website here: Pensions on Divorce Interdisciplinary Working Group .

On the next window we will give you some information about the project and then after that we have a number of boxes for you to tick regarding consent to our use of the data that you enter when filling out this survey.