Welcome to The Bookseller's annual Christmas survey: please answer as many questions as you can

Responses will be used for an analysis of Christmas trading within the independent book trade sector to be published in print and online in January.

* 1. Please leave your name, bookshop, and contact details here:

* 2. Compared with Christmas 2015, sales in 2016 were:

* 3. Can you say by how much sales were up, or down, on 2015 in percentage terms?

* 4. Which titles fared the best? Any surprise hits?

* 5. Were there any problems with supply, or availability of titles?

* 6. If "yes", which titles couldn't you get hold of?

* 7. What were the biggest factors affecting Christmas trading this year? Please explain. (I.e quality of the publishing, competition from online/supermarkets, e-books, the weather, economic uncertainty making shoppers cautious)

* 8. Do you feel Britain's looming exit from the European Union is affecting trade?

* 9. If so, how?

* 10. Please can you expand on how Brexit is affecting you?

* 11. Have you seen any evidence of publishers being more supportive and flexible on margin and payment terms over the last year?

* 12. The threat of competition from e-book sales in 2016 has been:

* 13. How has the introduction of the new National Living Wage implemented in April 2016 affected your business?

* 14. How optimistic are you about 2017? What are the main threats and opportunities?

* 15. What is the biggest threat to the prosperity of your business?

* 16. Thank you for completing the survey. Please use the below box to make any general comments and leave your email address here if you would like to receive the results of the survey on email.