Deadline for nominations 31st March 2023

Who is eligible?
Principal investigators (PI) and Principal medical educators (PME)

A principal investigator (PI) is anyone who holds research grant funding and has staff working on their projects. They might have one member of their research team or twenty, but the qualifying condition is that they have grant money and have staff working on the grant, including you.  

A Principal Medical Educator (PME) is anyone who holds a leading role in the development and delivery of primary care education, and who supervises and supports one or more team members in the running of their programme or course.

How do I nominate my PI or PME?

Provide a statement of 200 words or less outlining why your PI/PME should be “PI/PME of the year” in box 5 below. Let us know what it is about them that has particularly impressed you and – if possible – any particular examples of what they have done to support you or your colleagues. Entries may be from an individual or a team. Please submit only one statement per PI or PME. We won’t tell the PI/PME who nominated them.  

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* 1. Your name - individual or team making the nomination

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* 2. Contact email address

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* 3. Nominee - the Principal Investigator or Principal Medical Educator you are nominating

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* 5. Statement supporting the nomination - maximum 200 words