Patient Consultation Questionnaire

For some time, Sharoe Green practice has been experiencing difficulty in managing and sustaining the surgery.  All of our patients deserve a high quality healthcare service but for a number of reasons, we feel unable to deliver the services we would like to from this surgery. Therefore, we have made a request to NHS Greater Preston Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England to close Sharoe Green Surgery.

For the partners of the practice, the decision to request the closure of Sharoe Green Surgery has not been taken lightly. Over recent years, we have tried various solutions to keep the surgery open. However, the national shortage of GPs has led to great difficulty in recruiting permanent and full time doctors.  In addition, the provision of modern primary healthcare is becoming increasingly difficult and delivery from three sites is no longer sustainable. As GPs we are primarily concerned with the well-being of our patients. We believe that by centralising services, we will be able to offer a more flexible and efficient GP service with better access. Patients will be given the choice to register at either The Healthcare Centre or Longsands Medical Centre.

It's important to us to gather patient feedback and so we would be grateful if you could complete this short questionnaire. 

Thank you in advance.

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* 1. I am...

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* 2. In the last 12 months, how often have you visited Sharoe Green Surgery?

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* 3. Do you support the closure of Sharoe Green Surgery so that all services can be centralised at The Healthcare Centre and Longsands Medical Centre?

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* 4. Thinking about the proposed closure of Sharoe Green Surgery, what impact do you consider this will have?

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* 5. Please tell us what concerns, if any, you may have regarding the proposed closure of Sharoe Green Surgery.

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