* 1. Do you currently use Gouthwaite Reservoir Viewing Point?

* 2. If no, please tick the reasons why you do not use the Gouthwaite Reservoir Viewing Point

* 3. Would you be interested in visiting the proposed Wildlife Centre?

* 4. If you do not wish to visit the proposed Wildlife Centre, do you see it as an asset for the local area and community?

* 5. If you do wish to visit the proposed Wildlife Centre, what services would you like to see available?

* 6. What are your interests in the area?

* 7. On a scale from 1-5, how do you rate the proposed design of Gouthwaite Wildlife Centre? (1 – poor to 5 – excellent)

* 8. If you wish to volunteer or be kept up to date with Wildlife Centre activity please leave your contact details below

Thank you for taking part in this survey - your views are really important to us.