The current COVID19 Pandemic has led to challenges in our food system.

You will have seen media coverage of stories that feature panic buying, food bank shortages, charities supplying food parcels to vulnerable groups and the increases in people applying for welfare support.

We urgently need your help please to get a more comprehensive view of how all of our communities are being affected by the disruption and demands on our food supplies.

It is vital that Government and those groups trying to deliver food aid are able to develop a clearer understanding of what help and support is needed on a local, regional and national scale.

We are gathering information from all over the UK to send to the Food Foundation who have been collating data into regular updates for government agencies to support strategies and planning that will help keep our vulnerable groups food secure during this national crisis. Whatever insights you are able to share will be really helpful.

Thank-you in advance for your support for this vital piece of work. ​

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* 1. Please tell us the town/city or county you live in?​

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* 2. Are you worried about specific groups of people in your area accessing sufficient food?

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* 3. Are there any food support services available in your local community? and if so how easy are they to access?