Accessibility Action Plan Consultation

Can you help the Epping Forest Transport Action Group (EFTAG) with our response to the government's draft Transport Accessibilty Action Plan consultation?

Please have a look through these questions and reply to any which you feel are relevant to you. 

If possible we need your replies by Monday 6th November to give us time to compile our response to the consultation.

Why don't the survey question numbers match the consultation question numbers?

We've only included consultation questions which fall within Epping Forest Transport Action Group's campaigning areas, so have exluded questions about air travel, sea travel and questions aimed at service providers.

The full consultation document is available here:

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* 1. Consultation Question 1

How well do you feel the national bus concession in England succeeds in supporting the local transport needs of disabled people, and how might it be improved? Please be as specific as possible in your response.

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* 2. Consultation Question 2

What is your experience of information and guidance setting out the rights of disabled persons or those with reduced mobility when travelling by air?

We have listed some questions below which you may find helpful in responding. However, the list is not exhaustive and you should not feel restricted to the themes below.

  • Is there enough information available regarding your rights as a disabled or less mobile passenger when travelling by air?
  • Is the existing information and guidance clear and understandable, or is it too technical? For example, could the wording be improved? If so, how?
  • Are there any particular areas where you feel there is too little information available? Is the existing information focused on certain areas while leaving gaps in others, or is there a balance?
  • Is the existing information easy to access/find? If not, what could be done to make the information easier to access?
  • In your opinion, which organisation (e.g. the Government, a consumer rights advocacy, a disability organisation, etc.) would be most appropriate to provide information and guidance in this area? Why?

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* 3. Consultation Question 5

When you use a train, what has been your experience of accessibility equipment, such as the passenger announcements (either audible or visual), accessible toilets or manual boarding ramps, or other accessibility features)?

For example, do you find this equipment reliable, and if not, how could train operators better ensure reliability or assist you?

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* 4. Consultation Question 6

As a transport user, what has been your experience of using transport services? In particular, how would you assess the levels of understanding of transport providers and staff of the needs of disabled people (i.e. those with cognitive, sensory or physical impairments including dementia, autism or mental health conditions)?

We would welcome any experiences (positive or negative) that you wish to provide.

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* 5. Consultation Question 8

What is your experience of trying to travel spontaneously?

  • What steps could transport providers and operators take to promote or reduce restrictions to spontaneous travel?
  • What action could Government, regulators, transport operators or providers take to increase spontaneous travel?

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* 6. Consultation Question 10

What is your experience of using Passenger Assist?

We would welcome ideas on what further developments could be made to the Passenger Assist system to make it more attractive to users with accessibility needs; particularly those who currently choose not to travel by train.

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* 7. Consultation Question 11

When you purchase a ticket using a vending machine, what has been your experience of accessibility?

For example, do ticket machines provide clear information? Are you able to book the correct ticket?

Are there any particular issues that we need to consider when designing or delivering smart ticketing programmes?

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* 8. Consultation Question 12

We would welcome views, particularly from disabled passengers, on the current systems for resolving transport disputes, and whether processes could be further improved.

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* 9. Consultation Question 13

As a person with a hidden or less visible disability or impairment, or in an organisation representing people with hidden disabilities, we are keen to receive your views on the desirability and feasibility of introducing a national assistance card.

We have listed some questions below which you might find helpful in responding. However, the questions below are not exhaustive and you should not feel restricted by them:

  • Do you have a hidden disability or impairment? If yes, do you feel the need to communicate your needs to transport staff?
  • What has been your experience of communicating your needs to transport staff or fellow passengers?
  • Have you ever used a tool to communicate your assistance needs to transport staff? What did you use? What has your experience been?
  • Do you have any views on the merit or not of introducing a national, cross- modal assistance card?