This survey aims to build a robust national picture of the place of composing and creative music-making within music education. It has been devised by Sound and Music, the national charity for new music.

We want to hear from anyone who is involved in teaching music or using music to work with children and young people. Whether you are a teacher in a secondary school, a musician working in a youth club with young singer-songwriters, part of a hub or organisation supporting music-making, or working in a nursery encouraging toddlers to get noisy - we want to know more about what you’re doing, how you are being supported and how you see the role of creative music-making today. 

The survey will take you roughly 10 minutes to complete. By participating, you are directly helping Sound and Music to develop policies and campaigns in support of a creative music education.

Note: within the survey, “composing and creative music-making” includes any means of making new music, including improvisation, song-writing, instrumental composition, and electronic music-making.

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