What Does the Term 'Gentleman' Mean?

I'm doing some research into what the term 'gentleman' means to people. You don't need to be a man to take part -  it would just be good to get as many opinions as possible.

This is all confidential, I don't ask for names or other personal details, but if you want to withdraw you information please let me know. 

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* 2. What do you believe makes a man a gentleman? A gentleman...

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is always well dressed.
does what he likes when he feels like it.
is someone who has lots of money.
is a man who has good manners.
is resilient.
is someone who takes his responsibilities seriously.
is a strong leader.
is trustworthy.
should keep his feelings to himself.
is well read.
leads by example.
treats people fairly.
has control over all aspects of his life.
knows that he is better than anyone else.
should never fail.
isn't afraid to show his feelings.
puts others before himself.
learns from his mistakes
'Gentleman?!' That term is outdated and should no longer be used!
'Gentleman'? This term puts unnecessary pressure on men to act a certain way.

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