Talent Match Leeds City Region Awards 2017

We are really excited to announce our new Talent Match Awards that will play an important part in our conference on the 6th December 2017.
There are four awards: 
  • Keyworker of the Year
  • Most Inspiring Participant Story of the Year
  • Young Ambassador of the Year
  • Employer Award
We are asking people involved in the Talent Match Programme within Leeds City Region to get involved and nominate.

The winner for each category will be announced at the conference in December.

This questionnaire is to nominate a person for the Employer Award.

Please complete the application with as much information as you can and thank for your nomination.

If you would like to make a nomination for the other two categories please visit click here and follow the link.

* 1. Nomination - Employer Award

* 2. Employer Contact Details

* 4. What Makes Them a Great Employer?

* 5. Your Contact Information

* 6. Permission To Contact
If we need to ask you a few questions about your nomination can we get in touch using your contact information?