Communication and Information

The 2017 Mortimer Community Survey

MVP, with the agreement of the Parish Council, is issuing this survey to assess village opinion about a number of community matters including the different means of village communications, village activities and events and ways in which we can help one another. The results will help MVP and other groups in the village including the Parish Council think about how to improve things in our wonderful village even more.

Anyone living in Mortimer and old enough to be able to read the questions is welcome to take part. Paper versions are available in Baobab and the Library. 

If you complete the survey (on-line or paper) and include your contact details it will be put into a draw for the chance to win one of three prizes of £50 each. Completed paper surveys can be left at the Library.

At the end there is also a quiz about what goes on in the village. One prize of £100 will be awarded to an entry drawn from those with all the correct answers, with contact details.

Once the closing date for the survey has passed we will publish the correct answers for the quiz and the names of the winners of both draws on MVP website, MVP FB and next MVP newsletter; the prizes are being provided by MVP.

You are welcome to do this survey anonymously but we hope that you will be giving your name and contact details in response to questions asking what you might help with and to have a chance in winning one of the prizes. 

Please tick all options that apply to you; if you tick something as not very useful, please give us your ideas for improving it in the box below.

* 1. Conventional Communications & Information

  I know
about this
I do read
This is not
very useful
This is
quite useful
This is
very useful
Parish Council Newsletter
MVP Newsletter
Notice Boards with Parish Council information
Parish Council notice boards with Village Information
MVP notice board

* 2. Social Media Questions and Information

  I don't use
the Internet
I know
about this
I use
Not very
Parish Council Website
MVP Website
Parish Council Facebook
MVP Facebook
Village Calendar within the MVP Website
Local Information, societies in the MVP Website
Local Information businesses in the MVP Website

* 3. "We would like to engage more people and households in the Village communications - please share your ideas on how to achieve this: