Tier 2 Visas

Thank you in advance for completing this survey.

This survey is conducted by the Creative Industries Federation, the membership body which supports and champions and needs of the whole creative industries. The outcomes of this survey will be vital for informing the future shape of the UK's immigration system, and will enable us to advocate to government on industry's behalf.

Government has announced its intention post-Brexit to introduce a single, world immigration system which does not give priority to EU citizens or specific sectors and is focused on skills. The government also announced its support for the Tier 2 Salary Threshold of £30,000 which it said would favour higher skilled migrants.

It is important that the system takes into account specific characteristics of UK industries. For this reason, we want to gather information from the creative industries in order to feed back to government what a fit-for-purpose system may look like. This builds on existing evidence we gathered from you in the past and which informed our Global Talent Report.

This survey contains some technical questions. We would therefore encourage respondents from organisations to be those with some knowledge of immigration policies and these policies’ likely impact on their organisations.

This survey is split into two sections - the second half is more technical, and completing it is optional.
The first section will take around 7 minutes to complete. The second section will take around 10 minutes to complete.