* 1. Name of your organisation

* 2. Your name 

* 3. Type of organisation

* 4. Where are you based

* 5. Where do you deliver your services?

* 6. How many staff do you have? 

* 7. How many volunteers do you have? 

* 8. What level of income do you have?

* 9. What types of services do you offer?

* 10. How would you describe the intervention level of the services you provide?

* 11. Who is funding this work?

* 12. What current safeguarding arrangements do you have in place?

* 13. What specific services do you provide in terms of safeguarding?

* 14. What is working well in terms of your safeguarding practice?

* 15. From your perspective, over the recent years, have you noticed any changes in terms of the following?

  significant increase some increase no change some decrease significant decrease
the numbers of children, young people and families accessing your services 
the level and complexity of needs among children, young people and families in your services
child protection concerns and referrals 
CAMHs referrals 

* 16. From your perspective, over recent years, have there been any changes in:

  Significant increase Some increase  No change  Some decrease  Significant decrease 
The effectiveness of local multi-agency coordination in responding to safeguarding
The availability of training and support to improve awareness and responses to safeguarding i.e. CSE, online safety
The threshold at which action is taken on child protection concerns
The threshold at which referral to CAMHS is accepted

* 17. on a scale of 1 -10 how confident are you in the local multi-agency safeguarding capacity and arrangements? (1 = not confident, 10 = very confident

* 18. Where there are challenges currently, please describe some of the issues you are facing

* 19. To what extent do you feel able to challenge or whistle blow on poor practice with other agencies?

* 20. What do feel needs to be improved in terms of safeguarding in the future to support your organisation and the communities you support?

* 21. Looking to the future - what do you think the challenges will be for your services?

* 22. Would you be willing to be interviewed as part of this review? If yes, please give us your contact details