Myeloma UK is seeking views from myeloma patients and their partners, carers and families to generate insight into how these groups are experiencing the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Why your opinion is important to us and how you can help
This survey will enable us to understand better how coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting the daily lives of myeloma patients and their families and carers.

To capture continuity and change over time, we intend to repeat the survey on a number of occasions to assess the long term impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).

To achieve this, we are asking you to complete a 15-20-minute survey.
How we’ll store and process your data

Your answers will be anonymous and, unless you choose to be contacted for follow up questions, we will not collect your personal information as part of this survey. All data will be stored securely until six months after the research period has ended.

We promise to respect your privacy, and we will never sell or swap your details with any third parties. You can visit our website (myeloma.org.uk) to see our privacy policy or email us at policy@myeloma.org.uk for more information.

Who are Myeloma UK

Myeloma UK is the only organisation in the UK dealing exclusively with myeloma, a blood cancer which originates in the bone marrow for which there is no cure, but many very effective treatments.

Our broad and innovative range of services cover every aspect of myeloma from providing information and support to improving standards of treatment and care through research and campaigning.

If you need any help with this survey or would like to ask any questions before completing it, then please get in touch via email: policy@myeloma.org.uk.