Charitable Funds is the charity of South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. We’d like to understand what you know about it and what you think about it.

Last year we ran some listening groups about the charity and produced a five-year business plan based on the feedback. This survey is helping us move that plan forwards.

* 1. Have you heard of Charitable Funds?

* 2. What do you know about the charity?

* 3. Do you think the charity does worthwhile work?

* 4. How important do you think these things should be to our charity? Please rank them from most to least important where 1 is the most important and 9 is the least. 

* 5. Do you think there’s anything missing from the list that the charity should do?

* 6. Which of these qualities do you think should be most important to the charity? Please rank them in order of importance where 1 is the most important and 8 is the least:

* 7. Are there any other words you’d use to describe the charity?