Parent/Carer Survey on the Future of Victoria Primary School.

As you may know, the Council has been seeking views on the future of Victoria Primary School. This is because the school is very likely to run out of space in August 2018.


You may have taken part in a workshop in October, in which three different options were discussed. The Council have put forward one of these for full consultation: to close the existing school building and build a new school at Western Harbour for August 2020. The new school would initially contain 14 classes, with the option of expanding to 21.


As your Parent Council, we would like to know your views so that we can represent the views of the wider parent/carer community to the Council.

* 1. If you have a choice, which of the following is your preferred option?

* 2. Which of the three below is your LEAST preferred option?

* 3. In the space below, please tell us why you have chosen these as your most and least preferred options.

* 4. In thinking about the future of Victoria Primary school, how important are each of the following?

  very unimportant unimportant neither important very important
having a modern building
the location at Western Harbour
the location in Newhaven
maintaining a sense of history
maintaining a sense of community and identity
the outdoor space around the school
certainty of future plans
overall size of school (keeping it small)
expanding the size of the school
interim arrangements (August 2018-20)
the future of the existing school building
community use of the existing building
having a long term solution

* 5. Is there anything else you think is important in deciding the future of Victoria Primary School? If so, please tell us below.

* 6. Which of the following would be your preferred interim solution (August 2018-2020) if Victoria moves to a new building in August 2020?

* 7. With regard to the future of Victoria Primary School, is there anything you would like the Parent Council to do on your behalf?