Making Tax Digital for Business - ITSA - Private Beta

Thank you for volunteering to join the private beta. This survey will enable us to understand volunteers in a little more detail allowing us to develop the prototype service to meet their needs.

* 1. Address

* 2. Please provide your Unique Taxpayer Reference

* 3. Please list any Business Representative Bodies you are a member of (for example Federation of Small Business)

* 4. Please indicate what areas of a Tax Return you normally complete

* 5. How do you currently maintain your business records ?

* 6. What type of Business do you run? for example Agriculture, construction etc

* 7. For record keeping purposes how many business transaction do you expect to have per year?

* 8. What IT kit do you have access to?

* 9. How comfortable are you using IT ?

* 10. How comfortable are you with bookkeeping ?

* 11. Do you use software to help run your business ?

* 12. Do you operate Pay As You Earn (PAYE) ?

* 13. Are you registered for VAT ?

* 14. What attracted you to volunteering to take part in the private beta ?

* 15. Please say when your business accounting period ends ?


* 16. If we need to contact you when would be the most convenient time for you ?

* 17. Do you have a preferred telephone number we should try and contact you on (if different to the number you gave at question 1) ?