At Corporate Citizenship, we’re keen to understand the perspectives of sustainability practitioners on the topic of a "Just Transition". Just Transition describes the need to balance global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while ensuring that vulnerable stakeholders are not disproportionately impacted as a result of this transition (e.g., through loss of livelihoods). While the need for a Just Transition is mentioned in the Paris agreement and has been gaining prominence through international climate and sustainable development forums, such as COP26, there is as yet little guidance on the steps that companies might take to understand and act on the risks and opportunities it presents.

This survey explores to what extent companies are already engaged with understanding what a Just Transition means for their business; the key risks and opportunities they may face; and where there are knowledge gaps on this topic. Your feedback will contribute towards a report to be published in summer 2022, which will provide guidance to companies on the steps they can take to ensure that their decarbonisation strategy is "just", no matter what stage of their sustainability journey they are at.
We thank you for contributing to this research.
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