The Malta Qualifications Framework was formally established in 2007 and much has been achieved in the 13 years that it has been in place. However, very little work has been undertaken to date to review its impact on the different users.

The NCFHE is therefore keen to implement an impact assessment which will review progress on impact of the MQF since its inception in 2007. Through the impact assessment the NCFHE wishes to:

·         Assess and analyse the impact of the MQF across a wide number of sectors/stakeholders

·         Provide recommendations on possible areas of both policy and technical improvements for the MQF and its 
          referencing to the EQF

·         Provide recommendations for further implementing, promoting and regulating the MQF

·         Provide baseline indicators for future reviews

Given their extensive experience and expertise in National Qualifications Frameworks and their impact assessment, the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Partnership were selected to undertake this impact assessment and this survey is a core component of that work.

The survey is anonymous and is designed so that all potential MQF users can complete it.

We value your views and would invite you to take part in this survey which should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. 

Thank you for your time.