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Welcome to the FIA Maintenance Sample Questions

Once you are enrolled on the pathway to qualification, you will be required to sit multiple choice exams at the end of each course.
The following questions are similar to what you can expect to see.
Try to answer them all correctly and take note of the answers at the end.

Good luck!

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* 1. A Maintenance Technician is carrying out a special inspection of a category L3 system in a school. This is the first visit of the new maintenance agreement and the Technician is listing all of the major non-compliances.
Which of the following are not regarded as major non-compliances in BS 5839-1?

i) Manual call points fitted adjacent non fire exits
ii) Zone plan missing adjacent the main CIE
iii) Twin & earth cable used for sounder wiring
iv) Sound pressure levels of 62 dB in stairways
v) Standby batteries older than 4 years

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* 2. When undertaking a periodic inspection and test of an FD & A system, which of the following actions should a Maintenance Technician perform?

i) One cause and its effects should be tested for each device type
ii) All ancillary functions of the CIE should be tested
iii) At least one detector or MCP should be tested on each circuit
iv) Visual fire alarm device lenses should be cleaned
v) All analogue values must be checked against manufacturers data
vi) All fault indicators and their circuits should be checked

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* 3. A Maintenance Technician has been asked to reinstate a fire alarm system in a warehouse after it has been switched off for 18 months. 
Which certificate should the Technician complete following the works recommended in BS 5839-1?

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* 4. A remote building has a category P1 system installed. The building is unmanned but is inspected every 12 hours by a site Maintenance Engineer, so that in the event of a power failure the standby generator, which serves all critical processes, can be manually started.
The fire detection system sends fire signals to an ARC, who inform the site Maintenance Engineer as a first responder.
Not including the 30 minutes in alarm condition, how long should the standby batteries maintain the system in operation in the event of a mains supply failure?

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* 5. The Premises Manager for a school has asked the Maintenance Technician to replace the addressable optical point smoke detection in the main hall with heat detection, as they use smoke machines during performances and discos.
The Maintenance Technician is aware that the spacing of heat detectors is different to smoke detectors and wants to suggest alternative options.
Which other option should be considered instead?

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* 6. Most faults may be supressed at the CIE when a fire alarm condition is present.
Which two fault indications will still be shown during a fire alarm condition?

i) Short or open circuit of any wiring between PSU's in a separate enclosure and the equipment to which it supplies power
ii) Short or open circuit in the wiring between any CIE and any separate enclosure of equipment used for signals to an ARC
iii) Short circuit or open circuit in the network communication wiring between separate control and indicating equipment
iv) A short circuit or open circuit of any of the circuits which are serving audible, visual or tactile fire alarm devices

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