1. Barriers into leisure for those with physical impairments.

My name is Stephen McAloney and I am currently studying an HNC in Sports Coaching & Development.  As part of my course I am required to submit a report that relates a topic with sport & leisure.

My report topic is to establish if those with any physical impairment face barriers that would hinder inclusion into sport or Leisure.

This survey should only take 5 minutes to complete and is only aimed that those who suffer a physical impairment and are either already a member of or considering using leisure facilities in the near future.

The survey itself is completely anonymous and will only be used for coursework submittal and not used for any other purpose. 

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* 1. Please detail which physical impairment do you consider yourself to have? 
More than 1 option may be applicable.

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* 2. Please confirm your gender.

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* 3. Please confirm your age range

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* 4. Do you currently attend a gym, leisure facility or club?