* 1. Do you work:

* 2. How many people do you employ?

* 3. How many released songs did you work on in 2016?

* 4. How much did you spend in 2016 on studios, commercials or own use?

* 5. How much did you earn in 2016 as a Music Producer or Engineer (before tax)?

* 6. What percentage of this turnover came in the form of?

* 7. Do you consider yourself disabled?

* 8. What is your ethnicity?

* 9. What sex are you?

* 10. What is your sexual orientation?

* 11. Which part of the UK are you based in?

* 12. How old are you?

* 13. What impact will the UK leaving the European Union have on your work as a producer?

* 14. What is your email address? UK Music will only use this to communicate with you in relation to this survey and for entry in to the competition.

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