Social Work Scotland is developing a three-year strategic plan.  We need this plan to take the organisation from where it is just now towards a future state that reflects the needs and aspirations of our membership and our place in the broader national social work infrastructure in Scotland. 
This survey is going out to all Social Work Scotland members and needs to be returned before Friday 3 July 2020.  This is the first stage in developing the plan. Your responses will be analysed and themed to provide a basis for discussion by our Board and our standing committees through July and August.     

Discussion at our Board and committees so far suggest a desire to: 
- Use the resources we currently have to greatest effect in line with our organisational purpose and principles, and consider what resource may be needed to achieve our future goals. 
- Take a more strategic approach rather than one that is responsive or opportunistic. 
- Describe our purpose and position coherently and with clarity so that we are confident we are understood. 
- Use the evidence base around programme management and implementation science to ensure our activities and projects are the right ones and that the risks of poor implementation are properly expressed and mitigated.   
This survey asks the same questions twice; the first time to focus on our organisation as it currently stands, now and in the medium term within our current resources; the second to develop  a future vision where we might need to make bigger changes and seek additional resources.  
Taking the information from your responses to the survey, we will undertake strategic planning  to address our membership needs as they stand and begin to develop our blueprint for the future.  
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