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* 1. On what basis does your firm provide financial advice?

We’re only able to count entries from those who have placed business or recommended placing business in any of the following areas in 2019: Protection; Retirement; Investments; Discretionary Fund Management; Business placed on a platform.

We will need details such as your name, your company name, and, where relevant, your FCA number, to validate your entry. All the information you provide will be strictly confidential. It will be collected at the end of this survey. 

This information will only be used for the purpose of validating your nomination/s and for administering the prize draw if you choose to enter.

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* 2. Are you willing to provide this information?

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* 3. To make sure we only ask you about categories that are relevant to you, please select which of the following you have placed business with, or recommended placing business with in 2019. Please tick all that apply.

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