Project Background

Our older streetlighting is increasingly unreliable and has a high carbon footprint. It needs to be replaced and now is a good time to do the work.

Not all the lights in Much Hadham belong to the Parish Council so the affected lights have been marked with twine:

Yellow twine - lights which will be renovated with standard columns and Heritage lanterns.

Pink twine - lights which will be decommissioned and removed because they are no longer needed.

The new LED lights will use much less power and produce a more efficient light. An example can be seen opposite Nimney House on Tower Hill.

The project will cost about £46,000 if done now and save the annual cost (about £2,000) of power and maintenance because the upgraded lights will be adopted by HCC, who already look after about 120,000 lights.

A fixed rate loan will be taken out to fund the project so that it can be completed all at once. This is a good time to borrow because interest rates are very low – about 2% for a loan over 10 years, for example. There would be no increase in the precept.

The alternative is to replace just one or two lights each year, paid for from our annual income. That would be risky as prices would increase, older lights need more maintenance and we would take many years to achieve the benefits.

The decommissioned lighting columns will be available to anyone who would like to buy them e.g. for a garden feature.

Virtually all the streetlights in Hertfordshire have been converted to LED and it is time that Much Hadham caught up and reduced its carbon footprint.

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* 1. Are you in favour of Much Hadham Parish Council proceeding with its project to upgrade the parish lighting?

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* 2. Are you in favour of Much Hadham Parish Council taking out a loan for this project so that it can be done now?

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* 3. Any other comments?