Dear colleagues

When we asked you for your Big Ideas as part of Our Future, one of the most popular themes you talked about was ‘how we do things’. You mentioned our processes and systems, but you also talked about our University’s culture and values. Many of you said there was something distinctive about our University and felt proud to be a part of it - this was sometimes articulated as ‘Manchester-ness’.

I’d like as many colleagues as possible to get involved in helping us to understand more about this and uncover our University’s values by sharing your stories and experiences of what it means to be part of our University.  As part of this work we’d also like your views on our University’s existing guiding principles and values. 

We will use what you tell us to uncover a single set of University values which will form a core theme of our next strategic plan. You can share your stories online here.  There will also be opportunities to discuss values in existing staff meetings and events taking place throughout May and June.

 All of your responses will be treated in confidence and anonymously.  Decisions about the values we take forward will be made by the University’s governance groups, culminating in endorsement by the Board of Governors later this year.

Best wishes,

Patrick Hackett

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* 1. What makes working at our University feel worthwhile for you? Here's an example of a response provided by one of your colleagues: "When people get together from different teams to work together on a campaign or project and there’s a real buzz in the room and ideas are flowing. Working together to achieve great results."

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* 2. Please give an example of our University at its best. Here's an example of a response provided by one of your colleagues: "I love the story of how graphene was discovered at our University – by colleagues being given the time, space and freedom to play around with sticky tape and pencils on a Friday afternoon."

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* 3. Values have been part of our University for many years and we appreciate that where have come from is as important as exploring what matters most to colleagues right now.

Is there anything you would like to say about our existing values which are:

We will be guided in all of our activities by our motto ‘Cognitio,  Sapientia, Humanitas’ (Knowledge, Wisdom, Humanity). We will be led by the discovery of new knowledge, and aim to maximise the impact of that knowledge through education, innovation and delivering value to society. We will be an independent and autonomous organisation that will work to uphold rigorously the principles of freedom of thought and speech, and encourage tolerance of diverse views and beliefs. We will be agile, flexible and adaptable, but will value our rich academic heritage and traditions. We will be an accessible organisation, committed to advancing equality and diversity. We will be an ethical organisation with exemplary policies, procedures and behaviours. We will be committed to environmental sustainability, setting and meeting the highest possible standards across the full range of our activities.

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* 4. Please indicate whether you are:

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