We would like to make it easier for our patients and visitors to find their way around the Altnagelvin Hospital site and would like to collect some information to help us

* 1. I have visited Altnagelvin Hospital as an:

* 2. How did you get to the site?

* 3. If you came by car, was it easy to get parked?

* 4. Did you require disabled parking?

* 5. Were you able to access a disabled parking space?

* 6. How many times have you been to Altnagelvin Hospital in the last year?

* 7. Which entrance of the hospital do you usually use?

* 8. How easy were the following to find:

  Not Easy Fairly Easy Very Easy Not Applicable
Relevant Hospital Entrance
Signs to help you find your way 
Maps to help you find your way
Enquiry Desk
Car Parking

* 9. Before your visit, were you given any information about where you needed to go?

* 10. If you were given any information before your visit, was it useful?

* 11. If you asked for directions, who did you ask?

* 12. Where were you going in the hospital e.g. Medical Ward, ED, Out-patients, Cardiac Investigations etc?

* 13. In Altnagelvin Hospital (tick more than one if appropriate):

  Signs Maps Symbols Colour Coding None of these
Did you notice any of these?
Did you use any to find your way? 
Were any of these helpful for you?

* 14. What could we do better to help you find your way? 

* 15. Are Altnagelvin hospital signs:

* 16. How many wrong turns did you take?

* 17. Were you late for your appointment because you could not find your way?

* 18. How could we better assist people with additional requirements to find their way around Altnagelvin?

* 19. If you have any other feedback/comments you would like to make on wayfinding and signage at Altnagelvin, please do so here.

* 20. Are you:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, your feedback is important to help improve the service we deliver.