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This survey is seeking views from young people, parents, carers or guardians about the support provided to children with additional learning needs (ALN) by specialist centres that exist in Powys. 

New legislation called "The Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Bill" was passed by the National Assembly for Wales on 12 December 2017 and became an Act on 24 January 2018 after receiving Royal Assent.   

Powys County Council is taking this opportunity to assess all of its additional learning needs provision to ensure a parity of provision across the county which is fair and equitable.

What is a specialist centre? 

Specialist centres are an additional resource that allow pupils to gain specialised and specific support in order to help close and reduce any learning gap.  There are specialist centres across all phases of education from pre-school to secondary school.   Specialist Centres are sometimes known as the following:

Specialist Teaching Facility (STF)
ASD Centre (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)
The “Unit” in…….
Pre-school Assessment Units (PSAU)
Assessment Centres
Specialist Units

Places in the Specialist Centres are in addition to, not instead of a mainstream school place.

We'd like your input on what's working well in the specialist centres, what isn't and what could be done to improve them. 

Please do take part and give your views by Sunday 17 February 2019.  


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* 1. Are you responding as

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* 2. Which specialist centre do you or does your child attend currently if any?   The list below is in alphabetical order.

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* 3. Firstly in your experience, what is working well with the specialist centre provision?

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* 4. What isn't working so well?

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* 5. What could be improved?

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* 6. If there is anything else you would like to say that you feel would help us consider the future delivery of the centres please use this space to do so.

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* 7. Would you like to receive further information via email including newsletters or take part in our new Parent Forum?

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* 8. If yes to either of the above, please provide your contact details.