Grey Squirrels in Calderdale Survey.

* 1. Section A - In the UK there are programmes to eradicate Grey Squirrels in Cumbria and Northumberland.  This is to protect and increase Red Squirrel populations.

Would you be in favour of a programme to remove Grey Squirrels in Calderdale in order to reintroduce Reds?

* 2. If yes, which method would you prefer?

* 3. Section B

Do you use the countryside

* 4. Squirrels build a home that is known as a

* 5. How interested are you in nature and the outdoors?

* 6. Grey and Red Squirrels can live alongside each other harmoniously

* 7. Grey Squirrels are not native to the UK but were introduced in the 19th Century from...?

* 8. Section C - Do you live...

* 9. Are you

* 10. Which age category do you fit into