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Thanks so much for taking the time to complete our short survey. We really appreciate it, and promise it won’t take much more than 10 minutes (in real time, not weirdly distorted Covid 19 time) to complete.

As a thankyou - if you'd like us to - we'll enter you into a prize draw, and if you win we'll donate £100 to a mental health or arts charity or crowdfunder of your choice.  

the hub is a team of curious and generous creative producers and researchers united by a desire to do innovative work and build the capacity of the creative sector we’ve grown up in. We love learning and helping others to learn. We take care to understand the world around us, so we can help make it better.

We’ve created this survey to better understand the impact COVID 19 is having on the mental health of creative freelancers and entrepreneurs – on our ability to balance our minds as well as the books. 

We've done this for a couple of reasons…

Because what we want to make sure that the needs and voices of freelancers and entrepreneurs don’t get lost in the mix. So, working with the Creative Industries Federation, we’ll be sharing our findings at a virtual summit in July, to help funders, government and industry bodies get inside how they can best support us all. 

And because we need your help with our new, totally free, mental health support programme for creative freelancers/entrepreneurs. Launching in June, we hope it will help you become a bit healthier, wealthier and wiser over coming months. Your feedback will help us build something that makes a real difference.   

So, I'm really grateful you're here. Thank you. If you have any questions, please email me (julia@thehubuk.com). Oh, and if you can get your response back to us by 7 June that would be grand. Meanwhile, rest assured that we’ll keep all your personal feedback totally confidential.  

Finally, if you do have any worries about your mental health, please do ask someone to help. If you're not sure where to start Every Mind Matters is a great resource, full of friendly advice and pointers.  

Thanks again, and take good care.

Julia Payne
Founder, the hub