1. Thank You For Your Support

Welcome to our United Voice survey.
This year we've tailored our annual survey to reflect the current COVID-19 situation and our ongoing discussions with the club around supporter share ownership and engagement.  Your views are important. Please be assured that information collected will only be collated and shared on an aggregated anonymised basis.

We want your views on how you feel the club is currently being run, alongside your views on how the club engages with United supporters and MUST’s role. We also want a fan perspective to input to high profile reviews on the future structure of the Premier League and European club competitions. As ever, this survey is open to all United supporters.

Let us keep you informed
If you leave your email address at the end of the survey we will share the results with you and offer you the opportunity to participate in any follow-up surveys.

Please see a link to our privacy policy.  Your views will be collected and analysed along with others at an aggregated level, we will not pass on any of your personal details to 3rd parties without prior consent https://www.imust.org.uk/PrivacyPolicy
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