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The CUSU Student-Led Teaching Awards exist to recognise outstanding teaching and student support across the University and Colleges. You may nominate any member of staff who you believe has enhanced and supported your education at Cambridge. This could include but is not limited to Lecturers, Supervisors, Directors of Studies, Tutors, Librarians, Chaplains, or Porters and Custodial staff. You can submit multiple nominations for different people!

Some general points you may wish to consider in writing your nomination:
  • How has this person impacted upon your educational experience at Cambridge?
  • What stands out about their approach to teaching and/or student support?
  • What will your lasting memory of them be?
Further guidance on nominations can be found here.

All nominations will be considered by a panel of students and external experts. They will compile a shortlist and present the awards at the beginning of Easter term.

* 1. Name of the person you are nominating

* 2. Their role, or the capacity in which you are nominating them, e.g. as a Lecturer, a Tutor, etc. 

* 3. CRSID of staff member (if known)

* 4. Faculty/Department of staff member (if applicable)

* 5. College of staff member (if applicable)

* 6. Why do they deserve to win an Award? Please give some specific examples in your answer. You can use the Nominations Guidelines for inspiration, but they are not exhaustive nor do you have to use them.

* 7. The following information is to show that you are/were a student at the University of Cambridge. Your personal information will not be made available and will not be disclosed at any point.

* 8. Can CUSU publish excerpts from your nomination anonymously as part of our publicity for the Awards?

Thank you for nominating someone in the 2016 Student Led Teaching Awards.