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Expectations: Key things to remember when using and reflecting on the tool
  • Its designed to be focused: The tool will not cover all ages or all health / social  / life challenges
  • It will never be perfect: It needed to be ‘good enough’ for launch and will evolve from there with wider input.
  • It will be generic: Wherever possible the tool will point to other information services and websites. It is not designed to be a comprehensive list or ‘map’ of all services.
  • The intention is a positive one: If something vital is missed out or miss quoted this will be unintentional. Having your perspective will give us the best chance of developing a great tool.
Project background and overview:

Project aims:
  • To produce a simple interactive tool that supports members of the public, GPs and other supporters navigate the service options for mental health in Moray.

Key aims for the tool:

  • Be simple, straightforward
  • Start meaningful 1-2-1 support conversations as well as independent individual use
  • Use language that supports recovery and wellbeing
  • Be codesigned  by those with lived experience of using mental health services / having experiences of mental ill-health in Moray.
  • Not become a resource of all things, replicate information or other resources available, but link to these (e.g. ALISS, MORINFO)
  • Easily updateable and inexpensive to maintain
  • Be accessible and simple in design to enable printing, use on older technology and mobile phones
  • Evolve over time

In the last few years a variety of partners, including those with personal experience of mental health issues, have developed and delivered new services to support better mental health in Moray as part of their strategy “Good Mental Health For All 2016-2026”.

Working as the Making Recovery Real in Moray partnership they realised that GPs in particular were in need of a tool to help guide them through these new services. In March 2018 Moray Wellbeing Hub (MWH) took the lead on coordinating the project. Funding support came from ALLIANCE Scotland, NHS Grampian Public Health and tsiMORAY for a small fund to trial a staged approach to a tool. Since that time skilled MWH Champions, people who have joined MWH to create change for themselves and others, have worked with the Moray Coast Medical Centre team and Moray mental health social work team to bring the idea ready for wider codesign.

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