... for Emergency Medicine Mental Health professionals

Welcome to your Randomised Coffee Trial!  We're so pleased you could join us.  

Stage 1 - Sign up
On this page you can sign up for the Randomised Coffee Trial.  In a few weeks you will be matched with your random coffee partner.  

Stage 2 - Say hello
All great journeys start with a first step.  Once you've been matched with someone, get in touch and say hello!

Stage 3 - Get to know each other
Arrange a time to meet up for coffee - this can be in person or virtually using skype/facetime etc.  We don't know who your match will be... but we're sure you will have a great time getting to know them and sharing ideas.   Your random coffee partner could be your brilliant new ally, they could help spark your next big idea, introduce you to someone helpful, or they could become a new friend.  We can't wait to find out!

* 1. Tell us about you

* 2. Tell us about you
You can either give your match a bit of info about yourself or keep it a surprise.  It's up to you!

* 3. Are you the mental health lead in your emergency department?

* 4. How would you describe the mental health care in your patch? 0 = awful and 100 = fabulous

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 5. How did you hear about this Randomised Coffee Trial?

That's everything we need to know.  Press the done 'Done' button and sit back.  We will email you details of your random coffee partner on 30 October.

Why not ask your colleagues to join you? Let’s break down those silos, get the NHS talking again and create some strong links in mental health!