Our election procedure requires that to be eligible to vote you must be an individual member of APM: Student, Associate, Full or Fellow member only.
Please cast your vote for the APM Thames Valley Branch committee 2019-2020 by completing the information below. The majority vote will elect the Thames Valley Branch committee members for 2019-2020.
Please note that the closing time and date is 23:59pm on Wednesday 17 July 2019.


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* 1. For us to ensure eligibility please supply your member details.
(This will be used to check eligibility separately before the vote is counted. Once this Thames Valley Branch committee election has closed the votes only will be counted and therefore your vote will be anonymous.)
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* 2. The APM Thames Valley Branch committee will be voted for on mass and a majority vote is required by the membership who are in favour of electing these nominees for one year. You can vote for all the candidates to be elected below. If you do not wish to vote for all of the candidates you will be asked to vote for them individually.
(All voting is non-role specific.)

Please make sure that you have reviewed the candidates and their supporting statements which were published on the Thames Valley Branch community page on Thursday 4 July 2019.

The candidates are:
  • Carol Bell
  • Daren Evans
  • Dr Steve Walters
  • Grant Kane
  • Jake Younger
  • Kathy Stevenson
  • Paul Bradley
  • Sally Andrews
  • Steven Hoesli