The Social Security Bill: What do you think?

Control of a number of existing social security benefits is being passed from the UK Government to the Scottish Government. The Parliament would like your views on the Scottish Government’s plans before they become law. The Social Security Bill is the proposed law.
There is a summary, easy read version and video which tell more about the Bill at:

* 1. The Bill proposes that carer’s allowance should be increased as soon as possible to the level of jobseeker’s allowance (from £62.10 to £73.10 a week).
What are your thoughts on this proposal?

* 2. The Bill proposes that the Scottish social security system will be based on the following seven principles. 
  • Social security is an investment in the people of Scotland.
  • Social security is a human right. It is essential to accessing other human rights.
  • Respect for the dignity of individuals is at the heart of the Scottish social security system.
  • The Scottish Government has a role in making sure that people are given the social security assistance they are eligible for.
  • The Scottish social security system will be designed with the people of Scotland, and based on evidence.
  • The Scottish social security system should always be trying to improve. Any changes should put the needs of those who require social security first.
  • The Scottish social security system is efficient and delivers value for money.
What are your views on these principles and this approach? Please explain the reason for your answer.

* 3. Are there other principles you would like to see included?

* 4. The Bill proposes that there will be a publicly available social security ‘charter’. This will say how the Scottish Government will put the seven principles above into practice. It will also say what is expected from people claiming benefits. A report on the charter will be produced by the Scottish Government each year.

Do you agree with the idea of the charter? Please explain the reason for your answer.

* 5. Is there anything specific you would like to see in this charter?

* 6. The Scottish Government will take over responsibility for some current benefits. The Bill does not explain how they will work in detail. This will be set out in Regulations at a later date. The current benefits which will be  run by the Scottish Government are: 
  • disability assistance (including disability living allowance, personal independence payment, attendance allowance and severe disablement allowance)
  • carers assistance
  • winter fuel payments
  • industrial injuries disablement benefit
  • cold weather payments
  • funeral payments
  • sure start maternity grants
What are your thoughts on the proposals in the bill in regard to these benefits? [These are called "schedules"]

* 7. Is there anything else you want to tell us about this Bill?

* 8. About you (tick all that apply)

* 9. Your age category

* 10. Are you?

* 11. Who do you care for?

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