We want to hear from clubs that are using interesting ways to engage young people with film. Your club may watch a wide range of film genres; you may write reviews or make your own films. Or maybe you have insightful debates when critiquing films you have watched.

Whatever you think makes your film club brilliant, we want to hear from you.

There is no one single way to run a successful club and there are lots of different ways that this can be measured. All we ask is that young people receive a rich experience of film and that’s what we’d like to hear about. 

Eligibility criteria

In order to be shortlisted for the judges’ consideration, entrants must meet the following criteria:

·      The club must be an existing member of the Into Film Club network

·      Entries should be made by the club leader. A film club is defined as more than one young person meeting regularly to watch, discuss and/or make a film together

·      The club should be made up of young people aged 5 to 19 (or for the majority to fall into this age category) across the UK

Judging criteria

We are looking for two winning clubs. One for children aged 12 and under and one for young people aged 13-19. Representatives from the education sector will judge three shortlisted clubs in this category and decide on the winner. Judges will consider the extent to which the shortlisted clubs meet one or more of the following:

·      The club successfully integrates watching, making and understanding film in the club

·      The club makes interesting film choices to aid learning through film

·      The club has regular and consistent membership

·      The club has regular film reviewers

·      The club makes a difference to the lives of members (including young people with disabilities, behavioural problems, poor attendance or poor engagement with learning)

·      The club is delivered successfully in an otherwise challenging setting