The National Energy Foundation, a local charity based in Knowlhill, is working with Carbon Co-op to offer My Home Energy Planner surveys in Milton Keynes. The purpose of this short survey is to assess the community’s interest in the service.

In order to improve your home's energy performance and thermal comfort it is essential to understand how your home currently uses energy and which improvements will help the most.

The proposed My Home Energy Planner service involves a detailed survey of your home carried out by our energy specialists. Following the visit we will produce a clear report which outlines specific home improvement opportunities that will help to increase comfort, reduce mould issues, reduce fuel bills and help to cut carbon emissions.

What you'll get:
•  A detailed technical understanding of how you use energy in your home and where you can make improvements
•  A clear and helpful report outlining a costed set of recommended measures to meet your needs and priorities
•  A cost benefit analysis of these measures outlining what will pay off and how much will it cost

Click here for an example My Home Energy Planner report.

Click here for a detailed report on the assessment methodology, developed in collaboration with architectural partners URBED.

•  Flat - £300
•  Standard sized house - £450
•  Large house - £600

Prices reflect the skilled and complex nature of the assessment as well as the time required to generate a report. The Foundation is an independent registered charity (No. 298951) and surveys are completed at cost on a not-for-profit basis.
To thank you for completing this survey you can enter our PRIZE DRAW for the chance to win a free wireless energy monitor!

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1. If you had a My Home Energy Planner survey, which of these objectives would be most important to you? Please select up to three objectives from the following options.

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2. The price of a My Home Energy Planner survey is likely to be £300 for a flat, £450 for a standard sized house and £600 for a large house. If you were to commission a survey, would you be willing to pay this price?

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3. If the National Energy Foundation offered My Home Energy Planner surveys in Milton Keynes, how likely would you be to commission a survey?

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4. If you would like to register your interest in having a My Home Energy Planner survey or finding out more, please provide your contact details.

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The prize draw will take place on Friday 24th March 2017. The successful respondents will be emailed directly to arrange delivery of their prize.

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