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Welcome to My Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your views are important to the development of sexual health services across Scotland. 
What is this survey about?

This survey aims to find out how men who have sex with men access sexual health services when living in remote and rural areas of Scotland. 

At Waverley Care, we provide support services to men who have sex with men across Scotland. Through our work, we have found that men who have sex with men living in remote and rural areas often have reduced access to sexual health services. For this reason, we are carrying out research exploring what sexual heath support men who have sex with men need when living in a remote and rural area, as well as what makes it easier or more difficult to access sexual health services.   

You can complete the survey whether or not you have accessed information, testing or support from Waverley Care’s services before. All of the questions are optional and you can skip any that you do not want to answer. 

Please note: this survey explores the experiences of men who have sex with men in remote and rural areas. By men, we mean anyone who identifies as a man regardless of the gender they were assigned at birth. 

Who is running the survey?

Waverley Care’s Research and Engagement Team is running this survey. You can find out more about Waverley Care here.

You can find out more about Waverley Care’s dedicated service for men who have sex with men here.

What personal data will the survey collect? 

The survey can be completed anonymously, or you can choose to enter personal data (your email address). We will only use your email address to enter you into a prize draw to win a £250 Amazon voucher or to contact you about a follow up interview. If you include your email address, at the end of the survey we will ask you if you consent to it being used for both, or only one of, these purposes. 

How will you use the information I provide? 

Your survey response will be collated and analysed by staff from Waverley Care. We will use the information you provide as part of a report. We will share the survey findings publicly, including via social media and in published articles. We will also use the survey findings to develop our support services. We will not share any information that could identify you or other people. 

How will you store the information I provide? 

Your survey response will be stored using password protection. Your personal data will be deleted by 1st April 2022, and we will only keep your anonymised survey response. 

Can I withdraw my survey response? 

If you decide you do not want your survey response to be included in the evaluation, you can contact If you have completed the survey anonymously, we may not be able to identify your response, but we will try to do this. If we can identify your response, you will be able to withdraw it until the point we publish the survey results, which will be around March 2022. 
Who can I contact if I have questions about the survey or I want to make a complaint?

If you have questions about the survey, you can contact:

Jennifer Goff, Engagement and Development Manager, at:

If you would like to speak to someone who is not involved in the survey, you can contact:

Rachel Hughes, Head of Corporate Services, at:
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